Rose Tones
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Rose Tones

September 24, 2017


RM: We are obsessed with every thing in rose tones. Before we’re not a fan of pink because not all its shades compliment Rochelle’s morena skin so when we found that right amount of rosy pink, we will definitely buy it.

ROCHELLE: It actually started when I first fell in love with rose gold then eventually I started looking and buying rosy tone pieces that will suit my skin tone. At first it’s hard to find one because every thing is in hot, baby and fuchsia pink and it doesn’t compliment my skin tone. Thank you for the millennial pink trend, now brands offer different shades of pink.


Dress (Zara) | Top (Bershka) | Bag (Dune London) | Watch (Aeropostale)

Choker, Necklace and Ring (Forever 21) | Bangles (wear ROYAL shop) | Shoes (Shubizz)


Shot by RM Lasco with Fujifilm X-T10 with 18-50mm Lens


RM: I think the key is finding that perfect rosy tone, which is pinkish yet with a neutral tone also, and choose a piece/s that you can easily mix and match to your wardrobe.

ROCHELLE: Like this velvety slip on dress that I bought from Zara, you can wear on a casual day or and even on a special day. I actually bought this for my birthday but there’s a sudden change of plan so I didn’t get to wear it but luckily we had a school event so I finally got the chance to wear it.


RM: This dress is the first thing that came up to my mind when she told me she needed to dress up for a school event. Since she wanted to be a little bit formal yet casual at the same time, we paired it with this mesh-up shirt that we bought from Bershka that is sort of lilac and paired with her pinkish nude heels. As for her accessories, it is all rose gold jewelries and a velvet rose pink choker from Forever 21.

ROCHELLE: Hope you love this look and we have prepared a 15% off discount code and a “Shop This Look” all from ZALORA make sure to check it out and use our code below and enjoy shopping!

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Current Classic

May 26, 2017


RM: We are self confess hoarders. Yes, hoarders! Whenever we see a something that we will wear on the future, we will buy it. Like this dress, when Plains & Prints launches theHeart of Fashion Capsule Collection last October 2016, we fell in love with this dress.

ROCHELLE: I absolutely love this Randy Ortiz dress. It’s really our style because of the new take on the classic Little Black Dress (LBD). The dress is an open-back halter dress with a white tie around vest. It’s giving me that classic sophisticated vibe.


RM: What I also love with the dress is that you can wear it again with the white vest then you can pair the white vest in other pieces in our closet. It’s really worth buying and a portion of the proceeds will go to a program of the ICanServe Foundation called Ating Dibdibin to provide community breast exams and support those diagnosed with breast cancer.

ROCHELLE: As soon as my brother texted me about this, I rush into the nearest Plains & Print store and swipe my debit card to purchase the dress. I haven’t think twice, every peso is worth it.



RM: We always hoard. Sometimes when we purchase an item, it takes months until we wear it and we always wait for the right time to wear it. But we hoard for a reason. Rochelle has something to confess.

ROCHELLE: Okay, here’s our secret, we usually buy fall items when it’s summer season because it’s on sale and likewise when on other seasons. It’s much affordable. (HAHAHA) We use to shop every time so we created our own strategy when it comes to shopping. Try it and you can definitely save more.

Dress (Plains & Prints)

Watch (Aeropostale)

Bangle (wear ROYAL shop)

Bag & Shoes (Charles & Keith)

RM: As for her makeup and hair, Brigitte Diaz does it. We decided to go with the current classic when it comes to makeup and hair trend.

ROCHELLE: We opted for a barely there makeup with some highlights, a smokey eyes and finishing it with a glossy nude lipstick and for my hair, a messy waves with a braided half bun.

Shot and Edited

by RM Lasco

Camera: Fujifilm X-T10

with 18-50mm Lens


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