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Meet RM & Rochelle Lasco of STYLEROYALTIES.COM.

They are siblings from Philippines. Let’s get to know them more and what this blog is all about.
RM Lasco & Rochelle LascoWho is RM & Rochelle Lasco?

RM: I’m 25 years old, I’m differently-abled and the eldest of the five siblings and currently an online freelance worker, I’m a fashion stylist by heart and now a blogger.

ROCHELLE: I’m 18 years old and the middle child of five siblings. I’m currently studying Psychology at Miriam College and I love fashion and I’m a self confess shopaholic!

When and why did you decide to start to create a blog?

RM: I am a fashion enthusiast. I first saw an interview about a fashion blogger and I was obsessed with them and started to read the fashion blogs of my favorite bloggers all day, every day. Since then, I was dreaming to create a blog with Rochelle since we both love fashion and going on a shopping spree.

ROCHELLE: My brother introduced me about fashion blogs and I also liked the idea of what they do and I also wanted to share to everyone my own style. Now that we can support our passion, we decided to start our own fashion blog and we can’t wait to share our collaborative style.

What is STYLEROYALTIES.COM is all about?

ROCHELLE: We created this blog to show and to share our collaborative style. “R AND R” show looks I am wearing which my brother have styled and share personal stories; where we travel, what we eat and other stuffs that we both love.

RM: We also created categories to share some style tips, our style icons, what is trending,  what and where to shop and what everyone is wearing on street style. We also wanted our other siblings to join us and expand our blog someday so that is why we named it Style Royalties.

What sets STYLEROYALTIES.COM from all the other fashion blog out there?

RM: We created this blog to share to others what sustainable fashion is all about. I think the facts that whenever we purchase anything is we look at it as an investment. We always consider if it can go well with all other things on our closet and how many times we can wear it and if it’s made with a good material that can last a long time.

ROCHELLE: It also good consuming and can save you a lot of money. When you want something and you know it is a good investment and you can wear it many times, then buy it whatever the price is. Investing in things you love is a good thing. To be honest, I still have old clothes that I can still pair with my new purchases. I think with that comes luxury.

How is your relationship as siblings?

ROCHELLE: We always have a stylist-muse relationship ever since, he gets to pick what I wear and what I buy and I also do the same with him. Sometimes we argue when deciding on something. When he really wants something and he thinks it looks good on me, he’ll buy it for me even though I don’t to; but sometimes I act like I don’t want just so he’ll buy it for me. (HAHAHA 😊) I trust my brother’s style ideas and he also trust me when choosing for myself and for him also.

RM: Rochelle and I have been shopping buddies, bedmates, text mates, stylist and muse on each other since forever. I always make sure that we will agree in everything and trust each other. When we are making decisions on life, love, career, style or whatever it is, we always have each other’s back. We might be close and agrees on everything, but when it is about suitors, I am and will always be a “Kuya (Big Brother)“. So they have to pass my tests before anything else. (HAHAHA 😄)

What is your individual personal style?

ROCHELLE: I will describe my style as ever changing, I can go classy to sassy. I like neutral tones like black, white, gray and also some nude tones. I wear my clothes based on what I feel and what the weather is. I wear what makes me feel comfortable, what suits my body, my “morena” skin and what looks stylish at the same time.

RM: My style is more on a classy with a blend of street style. I like mixing classy pieces like shirts, chinos and leather shoes and bags with street style pieces like t-shirts, denims, high cut sneakers and fanny bags. I like white, gray, blue and red. I love comfortable clothes that makes me look good also.

What is your favorite fashion quotes and mantra in life?

RM: My favorite fashion quote is from Rachel Zoe (who is my favorite stylist), “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” And my mantra in life is “Keep creating. Travel often. Love fully. Give thanks. Dream big. Work hard. Take risks. Stay humble. Be you.” I think these describe me and I’m always striving to be a better version of my self.

ROCHELLE: My favorite fashion quote and life mantra is from the favorite character in the series & movies Sex and the City (which is my favorite) Carrie Bradshaw, “I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” This quotation describes me  best because every time I do my purchase I look at it as an investment.

Thanks for visiting and reading their blog. Hope they have inspired you and you have enjoy everything in this blog. If you have anything you would like to tell them or want to work with them, you can contact them here.



Meet the siblings from the Philippines.

They have a stylist-muse relationship. They share this blog to tell their personal stories and to show their love for fashion & style.

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RM & Rochelle Lasco created all the contents from STYLEROYALTIES.COM.
hey always linked back the contents they have used from other websites. For any issues, you can contact them here
RM & Rochelle Lasco created all the contents from
They always linked back the contents they
have used from other websites.
For any issues, you can contact them here