Corset Trend

February 7, 2017
Royal Studio


RM: The corsets are back. Yes, you heard it right. It came from your lingerie department straight to Moschino, to Loewe, to Balmain and to Prada’s runway. They turned it from sexy to casual to glam. Making it a statement piece to try and style this season. I personally love this trend and I’m kinda obsessed with corsets ever since it has been popular. I love how it emphasizes a woman’s curve and how it gives that hint of sexiness when wearing one.

ROCHELLE: I also love this trend but I’m always hesitant how will I style it without looking too risqué. Good thing most designers turn the corsets to belt so it is easier to wear it or style it without looking racy. I love how Moschino gave it a rocker vibe, how Loewe gave it a new silhouette, how Balmain gave it that glam and how Prada gave it a more contemporary feels.


RM: I absolutely love how Kim Kardashian-West styled it & I think she is one of the first to show that you can wear it on street. She has styled it in every possible way. I also love how Liz Uy shows us you can wear it on top of a dress coat/overcoat like how Prada styled it and strut it on the streets of Paris.

ROCHELLE: My favorite is Kendall Jenner, she worn it over a leather mini dress and gave it lush. Also Gigi Hadid opted for a black and white outfit and I love how she made her corset a statement piece on top of a basic. Also and here’s a little style tip, the key is to layer it. You can wear it with anything, oversize or not, just let it do its magic and it will make your look on trend. I have bought one and we can’t wait to style and blog about it.

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Velvet Trend F/W 16-17

November 10, 2016
Royal Studio


RM: For Fall/Winter 2016-2017, one of the main trends this season is Velvet. Yes, you heard it right. Almost everyone is wearing something velvet whether is it a dress, a blazer, a shirt, a pants, a skirt, a shoes, a bag or even accessories and I think you won’t be able to avoid having something velvet in your closet that will get you through this season. We know it takes guts to pull up this velvet trend but you can start with this trend on some piece/s like a velvet choker or maybe velvet Boots

ROCHELLE: Yes and it won’t just complete your outfit, making it perfect for fall/winter, but it will also gives your look that totally vintage vibe. It is always your choice on how will you go with this velvet trend. For me, I bought a velvet cap in gray that is a perfect for casual days with a twist and a slip-on dress in old rose that have a special touch of sexy and sophisticated vibe from daytime to night. I will wear the dress on my birthday this December.

Celebrities Wearing Velvet this Fall/Winter 2016-2017




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